OUGD402 // Who Is Emma Johnson

So i was paired with Emma for this task. I had to conduct an interview with these set questions to find some information out about her. Here are the answers she gave...

From these simple questions, i realised that Emma is big on wildlife. She loves animals, especially cats and love natural things. Most of her previous work i have seen has had some involvement with recycling and eco-friendly. I think this is where her morals lie. 

After the session, i then went onto Emma's blog to have a nosey at some of her work, Here is some of her work which i personally like the best and which i feel that shows her as a person the best...

These images where her final products taken from the '100 Things' brief. I feel that these reflect the eco-friendly morals of Emma perfectly.

Some of her other work, based on cats. 

From this, i get a real sense of Emma's style. I want to portray her work through the spread i create and create kind of a designers profile about her. I have decided that i will focus on her ethics and morals. Mainly on the eco-friendly side to her and the fact that she loves animals, and cats. I will portray how this comes through her work and create a fitting spread that includes images of her work and that is in the style of her work.

What Is Graphic Design For?

Information and Wayfinding

My Understanding 

Design that is clear and understandable. It needs to be understood quickly and clearly.  It is there for a reason and that is to make people understand what they need to know, wether that be signs and directions on a map, or something like info graphics, informing them of facts, figures and statistics. 

5 examples of websites/blogs. that will help you to define information & way-finding design. 

Flickr Group - mainly photographs of way finding signage 

Wayfinding Consultants. Information on general way finding as well as some work. 

Another Way finding Consultancy. Lots of work and clients on here.

Various pieces of way finding design. 

sign spotting and wayfinding design inspiration blog 





Product and Packaging 

My Understanding 

Design to contain a particular product. The design could be clean and simple and informative for the product. It could be designed to protect a product or to make a product stand out. It can be used to promote the product but has to show the customer what is inside the packaging. 

  •  5 examples of websites/blogs. that will help you to define product & packaging design. 

One of my favourite package design blogs. Lots of cool stuff on here. 

Lots of information and package design work. 

Another all round packaging design website.

Design company who work will a lot of coprerate packaging design.

really nice packaging blog. 





Branding and Identity 

My Understanding 

A design that is made for a particular company or person. The design has to suit the aesthetic that relates to the company and usually consists of a corporate theme, logo design and colour scheme. The design has to remain the same across the entire company so that people will associate this to the company easily. 

 5 examples of websites/blogs. that will help you to define branding & identity design.

excellent blog on branding/identity/design.

agency who deal with lots of corperate logo work.

studio - expertise in branding and identity. 

Brand Experience Consultancy - worked with the biggest and best brands 

designer who works solely in branding. works alone.

good logo design blog.


Logo Design

the logo guess game - amazing

pop stars in the style of heavy metal bands - amazing

Letterheads/ Business Cards etc..

Editorial and Publishing

My Understanding 

Designing the correct layout of type and image to create a publication. Large amounts of text that need to be clear to read and understandable. There is a lot of consideration for heir achy with type and image. What needs to be read first and what is most important. The positioning and Layout is also key when it comes to editorial. 

  •  5 examples of websites/blogs. that will help you to define editorial and publishing design.

brilliant deisgner. works with lots of editorial, publishing and web based design.

just a general search of the best editorial design that week on behance network. behance is great because it has professionals and up and coming designers in the same place so you can see the best of everything.

The magculture design blog has lots of editorial designs updated daily. great blog for publications.

Ultrazapping a blog i follow on tumblr. It is full of cool swiss style designs and most of these are publications. I take lots of influence from the work on this bog so thought it would only be fair to include it.

Again, another source of inspiration for editorial design and magazine layout. 

Book/Mag Layouts

Zines/Risograph prints

Retail and Promotion

My understading 

Basically promotional design which the customer comes into contact with in the marketplace. This could be a number of different forms including advertisement posters or point of sale displays but they all have the same goal and that is to 'sell' and promote their product. 

5 examples of websites/blogs. that will help you to define retail and & promotion.

The advertising section of the behance networks has many retail and promotional pieces, and is a direct source that is constantly getting updated. 

website contains creative advertising and retail promotion. some great ideas executed brilliantly.

design for retail - ignite. 

design for retail - whiteroom UK

retail advertising - the detective agency. 

peter dean - retial advertising work. 





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