OUGD402 // Time Management

This ongoing brief involves us looking at our Time Management skills.

Workshop One 

1st Task - List all the different activities that you take part in in the three areas of your life. Work, Social, Domestic

BAGD Activities-

Free Studio Time
Digitally working 
Design Sheets/Drawings 
Watching Informative Documentaries.
Browsing Websites for Inspiration
Printing and Crafting
Self Evaluation

Domestic Activities:-

Lying In
Food Shopping
Getting Ready
Toilet Breaks
Money Management
Sorting out bills etc. 

Social Activities:-

Social Networking
TV and Films
Spending time with friends
Playing football 
Nights Out
The Daily Chore
Texting/Phone Calls
Listening to music
Dining Out


We then split them up into 9 categories and adding percentages to them to see where i time was getting spent the most...

Weekly and Daily Time Diaries 

We also was asked to keep track of our daily and weekly activities to see in real time more accurately what we was doing with our time...

I found it hard ot keep an accurate track of my time so next week will make sure i constantly do it as i go along, jotting down everything i do.

Workshop Two 

168 hours in a week
35 hours work (studio)
5 hours break
56 hours sleep.

= 96 Hours 
(This leaves 72 Hours left. What do i do with that time?)

2nd Task - List 10 things you can do for each of these...

1. Things you can do to get more out of your day?

  • Go to bed at a reasonable time
  • Plan eating times and eat healthily 
  • Set times for relaxing and breaks
  • Make lists and stick to them 
  • Clean as you go along
  • Plan out your day in the morning 
  • Make time for socialising, don't overwork yourself
  • Set a weekly money budget and stick to it
  • Do chores on set days so you get them out of the way and are not stuck doing them 
  • Dont waste time procrastinating.

2. Things you can do to avoid stress and conflict between the three areas?

  • Be considerate of others and flatmates 
  • Make time for friends and family 
  • Eat healthily and don't drink as much 
  • Excersie and get fresh air 
  • Work to a set time every day (don't be working late at night)
  • Talk to different people 
  • Try and be productive in all areas 
  • Change your social environment to gain the best out of all areas
  • Clean as you go along will get the domestic stuff out of the way and let you focus on work and socialising.
3. Things to help develop and effective design practice?

  • Use your resources to your advantage
  • Learn new skills and methods of design
  • Apply what you learn to your work 
  • Inform yourself on other designers 
  • Do more self initiated work 
  • Collab
  • Visit places that will inspire you 
  • Live briefs and competitions
  • Self evaluate regularly 

3rd Task - Make 10 rules to stick you in all of these areas...

10 rules socially to help you become a more organised and less stressed productive person...

  • Try and work to set times so that i'm not working into my social time (later in the day) and then getting distracted and not getting the work done
  • Try and explore the city, broader range of activities and  to get inspiration 
  • Try and travel when i have chance. I go down to London regularly but try and get around places more.
  • Have some sort of downtime everyday just to get away from work sometimes is needed. 
  • Try to get involved more with my hobbies in some way again will probably help relieve stress and get my mind off work sometimes
  • Don't drink as much. Try and save it for one or two nights a week and mainly weekends. 
  • Make time always for socialising but don't let work build up because of it. 
  • Set weekly budgets money wise to avoid any stress in that area. Keep money aside for social activities.
  • Go to more gigs and events that will inspire me 
  • Try to keep going out to weekends strictly, hangovers in college are not very productive. 

10 rules domestically to help you become a more organised and less stressed productive person...

  • Try to set days for chores so that it will not build up all at once.
  • Make the most of my clothes. Get more wear out of them rather than washing them after one wear will avoid having to do big washes every week. 
  • Keep a tidy room all time time. Clean room, clean mind 
  • try to eat more healthily and not smoke at all, if possible. 
  • exercising more will help me mentally and physically.
  • Get more sleep. try to get early nights throughout the week where i can, don't stay up too late and try to get at least 6 or 7 hours sleep a night.  
  • Get up earlier and eat breakfast and have a brew to prep for the day. 
  • Try and eat three healthy meals a day.
  • Don't worry or stress over deadlines and presentations, this doesn't help productivity.
  • Clean as you go along to avoid big chores. 

10 rules design-wise to help you become a more organised and less stressed productive person...

  • Make lists daily and stick to them. 
  • bring lunch to college to avoid wasting time and save money. Cut lunch times down. 
  • Do more self initiated work
  • Explore and learn new skills and use these in your practice. 
  • Use your resources to your advantage 
  • Spend more time on primary research 
  • Self evaluate all the time!
  • work on Live Briefs, Collab Briefs and Competitions all the time!
  • Visit places that will inspire your work
  • Keep a work diary all the time and use it more!


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