25/09/12 - Progress Workshop

We was asked to right down individucally 5 of each of the following:-

5 Ways to evaluate your progress

  • Self Evaluation througout projects 
  • Blog, Evaluate, Re-evaluate, Re-Blog
  • Through Crits, Mini Crits and Feedback. 
  • Compare my work to current succesful work that exsists. 
  • Keep Making Lists
  • Look back at your old work to see what progress your making. 

5 Questions you want to find out the answer to

  • How to design for web
  • How to design for animation or motion graphics
  • How to go about getting an internship
  • How to organise the business side of design. Fiancees and Self Promotion. 
  • Will i ever get a job and become a real life graphic designer. 

5 Skills that are my strengths 

  • Editorial work
  • Design For Print
  • Hardworking, Organised and Reliable
  • Development to Final Outcome 
  • Self Branding and Networking

5 Skill that need improvement 

  • Web Design
  • Motion Graphics/Animation
  • Project Management 
  • Presentation Skills
  • Essay Writing 

5 reasons why i chose this program 

  • The course has a great reputation
  • It is hard work but you get good results 
  • More contact with tutors and the availability to learn a wider variety of things within design.
  • Great Resources and a good learning environment. 
  • It's a specialist Art College. 

5 things that I want to learn

  • Design for Web, Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Self Promotion and Branding as well as better Networking skills
  • Product and Packaging design. 
  • How to get myself into an Internship
  • The financial and business side of design (how much to charge freelance)

We was then asked to from all the lists, select the top 10 factors that we all had in common and write them down. These was then changed into questions and put together with the whole group. It was then reviewed and whittled down to the ones that was the most reoccurring. Heres the list...

  • How did the course gain a good reputation?
  • How can I manage to improve Time Managment and Punctuality?
  • How do I improve essay writing skills?
  • How do we learn and improve Web and general Software Skills?
  • What rates do we charge as designers?
  • Will I make it?
  • How can I evaluate/reflect my progress
  • How can I gain more confidence when presenting?
  • What do I want to specialise in?
  • How do I become better informed about what is going on in the industry?

We was then asked to, as a group, make a list of some of the problems that might arrise this year on the course. Here is what we came up with?

  • Being too busy with work and uni priorities.
  • Falling behind with work due to bad time management. 
  • Running out of money. 
  • Getting your house burgled (Hyde Park area)
  • Packing up
  • Getting kicked out of college / failing to make the grade.
  • Getting injured or ill and this effecting your life and course priorities.
  • Forgetting about certain tasks or briefs due to bad time and project management. 
  • Being late to a lecture due to bad time management skills.
  • Make mistakes and pass out whilst presenting to everybody. 

Level 04/05 Progress Evaluation

The following form is designed to focus your self-evaluation, personal reflection and design strategy planning for the second year of the course. This should help you to identify necessary areas of interest, working practices, aims and ambitions when planning your return in September. More importantly it should help you identify specific issues that you need to address, skills you intend to develop and creative/professional aspects of design practice that are relevant to you as an individual.


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