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Name and Nature of our business

- We are Asssk.
- Branding and Communications agency based in Leeds. 


- Partnership, Horizontal.
- Daily Charge - £188
- Charge by Project (not day)

Target Customer

- Teritary Sector - retail and wholesale sales, transportation and distribution, entertainment (movies, television, radio, music, theater, etc.), restaurants, clerical services, media, tourism, insurance, banking, healthcare, and law.

Member Responsibilities

Abbas - Client Service Representative - the responsibility of servicing and dealing with clientele. Pitching to companies.

Sam - Marketing - planning and implementing marketing strategies. This will involve Networking, attending events, maintaining promotion for the business through print and web. Website managment, LinkedIn, Behance, Twitter & Facebook.

Seb - Creative Director -  Less emphasis on attention to detail and a greater degree of importance placed on the ability to generate highly developed creative concepts. The creative director has an overall say on the concept and design. 

Samuel - Money Management - Managing the incoming and outgoing finances. Overheads. Pricing for clients, etc. Get an accountant in for serious finances.

K (all)- Artworkers -  here the main skills are the ability to concentrate on detail, layout and the ability to turn creative ideas into a format which is suitable for print. Speed and accuracy are vital for such jobs. The career development pathway ultimately is to run the production facilities within a studio. 


- Make businesses look good. 
- We're not 'Multidisciplinary' - This just means Jack of all trades, master of none. 


- Behance  
- Linked In
- Pinterest 
- Start our own Blog 
- Twitter  / Facebook
- Business Cards
- Networking Events
- Send out gifts / christmas cards to potential clientele. 
- Collaberate with Bigger Brands and people in other creative fields. 

Self Initiated Briefs 

- Re-branding companies. Once a month. Send it to them to show how we could change their company.



Fixed Bills:
Studio rent - £300pcm x12 =£3,600
Salaries - £14,000 per year x4 =£56,000
Accountant - Uncle Mushtaq - £125per hour (free)
Printer ink - £100pcm x12 =£1200


Office equipment

Stationary - £150
Printer - £200
4 monitors - £450
4 external hard-drives - £320
Mac mini - £400


Income Investment

Prince's trust - £1500New Enterprise Allowance - £1000 (have to be on the dole)
Coalfields Funds - Yorkshire - £40,000-£2,000,000

Outgoings 1st year

Income Investment
£2500 - £40,000

Studio Space

Branding Stationary


- Laugh
- Share & Create 
- Slow Down
- Asssk Stupid Questions 
- Work Hard & Be Nice


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