Asssk Presentation & Review

The Presentation:


Overall, I think we was all fairly happy with the presentation we gave. I think our ulterior motive was to put our brand across seriously and professionally.  As we are a clean cut Branding Agency, it was important for us to give this impression of, whilst also not being too formal to put people off, or make them bored.

Personally, I put this presentation together, with input from everyone. We wanted the slides to be concise and to the point, which is why we used the 'one word' slides giving us chance to explain ourselves throughout. I also liked the idea of using 'we are' throughout the slides to make a lasting impression and to get out point across clearly and memorably.

I also like the fact that we took the time to research and create our own manifesto. I think this put across our personalities a little bit more, so we wasn't just generic. We liked the 'Asssk Stupid questions' slide in particular because we seriously believe that you need to do this to get anywhere. We also feel that we played on the name Asssk constantly throughout the presentation such as 'Asssk us?' at the end which again helps to leave a lasting impression.

We made a few mistakes, we was a little bit nervous in areas, but I think we managed to cover this up because we had all practised the presentation and knew the facts, so this showed. We was also able to answer peoples questions confidently at the end, even when it come to costings, because we had done the appropriate research.

I think in the areas where we made mistakes, we could clean the presentation up a little bit and obviously work on practising the delivery in order to get it perfect, but overall, I'm happy with how it went. This gives a solid presentation that we can work on and actually use in future if needed for a pitch.


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