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COP Book _ Final Product

Here are some images I took on a recent photoshoot of my final COP Publication book. I'm pretty happy with how this has come out. I was a little bit concerned about the acco clip binding method on a book that was so thick. I thought the margin would get really tight, so I made it wider to compensate for this which has seemed to come out ok.

I'm really happy with how the use of the bright stock has worked with the cleaner white stock. The balance is pretty good and it helps split the book up into different categories and also makes the quote pages pop!

The only real problem I had with the book was that because I had to print it in a few different print runs, the crop marks didn't line up perfectly meaning that when it came to binding, a couple of the pages fell a bit short. When you look at the book from a distance you can't really tell this, I might have to take a sharp scalpel down the edge of the book to trim off some overspilling leaves.

I added a Grid printed onto trace over one of my layouts to explain how my design is rooted within the design principles of Type & Grid. I'm pretty happy with how this came out. It adds some interaction to the book and acts as a wireframe to show the process of Grid to final Layout in one page turn. 

Here's some edited images of from the Photoshoot...

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